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In today's rapidly evolving world, the concept of entrepreneurship is undergoing a significant transformation. No longer is it solely about financial profit - the entrepreneurs of the 21st century are those who balance their business goals with the broader societal and environmental needs. This new breed of entrepreneurs is leading the way in sustainable entrepreneurship, an approach that interweaves profit with purpose.

The Need for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Our society is facing mounting challenges, from climate change to social inequality. However, these global problems also present opportunities for innovative solutions, and young entrepreneurs are ideally positioned to seize these opportunities. Despite their enthusiasm and creativity, many young people encounter barriers when setting up businesses, such as a lack of knowledge, skills, and fear of failure. These obstacles prevent many potential young entrepreneurs from translating their innovative ideas into reality.

The Potential of Youth

Young people today are more socially and environmentally conscious than any generation before them. They are at the forefront of social movements, advocating for change in areas like climate action and social justice. It is this generation that will drive our society towards a sustainable future. However, to harness their potential, we must equip them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to transform their ideas into sustainable businesses.

Empowering Youth through Education

Education is an instrumental tool in empowering young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship education, in particular, can provide young people with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to start their own businesses. In addition to business fundamentals, this education should also focus on sustainability, teaching young entrepreneurs how to create businesses that contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Creating a Fair Economy

Sustainable entrepreneurship has the potential to reshape our economy and society. By creating businesses that are not only profitable but also beneficial to society and the environment, young entrepreneurs can help build a fair and sustainable economy. This economy would work for people, providing quality jobs, driving innovation, and addressing social and environmental challenges.

Three European academic institutions – POLIMI Graduate School of Management, EDHEC Business School, and ESMT Berlin – have launched a competition with the support of Microsoft Italia to address societal, economic, and environmental challenges. The competition, called INNOVA Europe, invites students from bachelor to master’s level to submit innovative proposals that tackle the specific challenges outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The competition aims to provide skills and guidance to young students and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating effective solutions to these challenges and shaping a better future for all. The three business schools believe that this competition will generate new products and solutions and foster responsible entrepreneurship, which they believe is crucial to instigate rapid change.

The winning team will receive a prize of €5,000 and incubation services offered by the academic incubators of the partner Schools. The competition is aimed at preparing students for future challenges by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration. The competition provides students with not only learning opportunities but also access to a network that can benefit them beyond the competition.

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The European E-learning Institute (EUEI) is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences and innovative educational programmes which engage learners from a range of sectors and socio-economic backgrounds. EUEI is committed to promoting social cohesion, inclusion, and sustainability across Europe, making them a perfect fit for the Fairpreneurs Project.

Our experienced team of trainers, researchers and technical experts are uniquely placed to guide educators from VET, HEI, Adult and Youth sectors to harness the opportunities that innovative and collaborative e-learning and digital tools offer for learners.

We specialise in the delivering of high quality, responsive   and innovative projects to educators and learners in the topics of pedagogic approaches, entrepreneurial competences, digital skills, inclusion, and sustainability.

Meet our Climate Champions at EUEI working on the Fairpreneurs project

Canice Hamill- Managing Director

Canice has worked in the field of lifelong education for over 20 years and is recognised as an expert in instructional design and the development of e-learning solutions for education and training. A former trainer and lecturer, Canice utilises a holistic approach to creating innovative, interactive learning environments and works closely with tutors, trainers, and development teams, emphasising the importance of empathy and user experience in every learning solution.

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Aine plays an important role in the learning design and subsequently in evaluating the effectiveness of our eLearning products on completion. Aine is always keen to engage with her creative side and implement the newest digital tools, pedagogies, and trends into our e-learning solutions. She is passionate about finding effective and relevant ways to engage learners from all walks of life.

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Including our key role in the initiation of the Fairpreneurs project we will also work tirelessly alongside our project partners to deliver the highest quality project results as possible. Within the project EUEI will develop the project website and be responsible for the technical realisation of the materials.

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